Balliland XL for Android


Balliland XL was launched on the Android devices right before Christmass time of 2011. This is a leap for RebelCrew Games since theAndroid market potentialy is the largest Smartphone marketin the world.

Our strategy for the launch of the Android version is to allow the users to play the first world for free and "test" the game while downloading the next two worlds for a fee. We believe that this is the correct policy for a launch of a game on the Android and wil continue with this commercial plan on our next game.

BallilandXL, belong in the category “mind-puzzle games.” The role of the player is to bring 3 balls in the same line after overcoming adverse conditions such as pulleys, whirlpools, bombs and melting icebergs. Each level has a different solution. The whole game consists of three parts: A) The Forest - 40 Levels  B) The Desert - 40 Levels and C) The Artic - also 40 Levels.

To play Balliland XL, if you have an Iphone click here and if you have an Android click here.

"Balliland XL is a pretty flawless puzzle game." - Jennifer Allen, 148Apps Review
"An amazing puzzle-solving game!" - AppBuddy™