Balliland XL for iOS released in the Spring of 2011

The challenging part is that you can only move the balls left, right, upwards or downwards provided there is something in their way to stop them, such as another ball, a rock or a box. If you accidentally make a move that is against the rules, the ball returns to its original place without penalty.

The flow of the game is very exciting and always keeps fresh, since, as the game unfolds, more surprises pop up! Spikes, wheels, teleporters and bombs among other things, keep the players on their toes and there is also a “hint” option to provide them with tips to help them keep going forward. However, these are limited and should be used wisely. You can choose from a simple menu, a variety of levels, choices, awards, write a review or go to the store where you can buy more hints, while there is an option to unlock all levels without having to solve all the puzzles.

Balliland has received outstanding reviews all around the world and has managed to reach the top mobile games list in many sites such as (the no1 sports site in Greece - as, the no 1 blog in Greece and the newest and the most evolving tech site in Greece and contests.

The application is available for iOS and Android, while there is an expansion code for the Christmas-y version of the game! Go grab this excellent game for your mobile device. It is a must have for every puzzle lover out there and we guarantee you will have loads of fun with it.

To play Balliland XL, if you have an Iphone click here and if you have an Android click here.